Girl Movers share talents, apprenticeships and dreams in an event that gathers companies, career mentors and partners in Maputo.

After 8 months of deep and intensive training and after an international 3 month internship in Portugal, Girl Movers return to Mozambique with more knowledge and a unique work experience. All the internships are conceived to fit each and every profile, worrying about giving an innovative experience in the lives of these young women.

In Portugal, in addition to the internship, each Girl Mover has the opportunity to undergo several activities in social projects; has access to entrepreneurship and management training in one of the most prestigious universities of the world; and participates in some coaching and leadership actions.

These 34 graduated women come from such diverse areas like Agriculture and Fisheries, Environment, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Arts and Culture, Communication, Human Development, Education, Engineering and Natural Resources, Market Management and Development, Human and Legal Rights or IT. Recently arrived in Mozambique, they gathered in a similar event to that of Portugal, aimed to show skills, inspire and project careers with impact.

Stories Together as One was the motto for a meeting that gathered all the 34 Girl Movers from class 4, partners, career mentors, companies and other important players from Mozambique society, to share with them the experience of a year of apprenticeship, transformation and improvement of their skills and talents. Different stories, visions and perspectives that touch several areas of strategic development for Mozambique, and are united by the same will to question things, to innovate and transform. The Girl Movers interventions were stimulated and moderated by other renowned personalities, namely the environmental activist Alda Salomão, Dean Jorge Ferrão or the founder of the music conservatory Stella Mendonça, journalist Cristiana Pereira, some team members from Girl Move, among others.

Besides all the sharing and inspiration that this multiplicity of experiences and apprenticeships allows, the event left some room for networking and enlightenment.

By the end of each Change Program edition, Girl Movers presented themselves to the Mozambique market to share their projects and ambitions and the outcome is quite positive. Looking back and to the previous classes, forces us to inevitably talk about careers and employment with impact in their lives as this documentary shows.

To talk about careers and employment with impact, implies talking about those women who, throughout the Change program, understood how to increase their most important skills and talents to the maximum. And because they are highly aligned and confident about their potential, they know how to produce a bigger impact in their work and contribute to the development of their country.

Right now, Girl Move has more than 300 partnerships, from companies, to associations and impact builders that are part of this huge ‘movement of life’ spread throughout Mozambique e Portugal. A movement that grows every year and that makes a point of supporting the new leaders generation that is already transforming the reality in their country in strategic and primary areas for the development of Mozambique and the World.

Saiba Mais…

Changemaker more than ever!

“I admit that sometimes I even think that this social distancing has brought us closer to the empathy and responsibility of becoming a united movement of strength, energy and inspiration for the families and communities that live outside the Academy with their challenges, which have become much more global than local.”

Changemaker Lab

Our program CHANGE has INNOVATED once again and this time the innovation is called CHANGEMAKER LAB. A ‘LAB’ to create and test solutions to respond to global challenges that Mozambique faces.

Adaptations in Crisis

Girl MOVE Academy took part in a Webinar organized by Population Council on the theme “Adaptations in Crisis: Stress Testing our Intentional Design Model for Girls”, alongside organizations from all around the world.