We are ONe! Because we are more dynamic and digitally active but also because everyday we discover new ways in which we keep ourselves connected and aligned between ourselves.
I admit that sometimes I even think that social distancing has brought us closer to the empathy and responsibility of becoming a united movement of strength, energy and inspiration for the families and communities that live outside of the Academy with their challenges, which have become much more global than local. On the toughest days, this brings me back the focus to stay strong in my mission and purpose. And suddenly, my vision of the world becomes more real and complete. After all, I am better and greater, inside and in communion with the diversity that surrounds me.
Speaking about connection is inevitably speaking about what the programs BELIEVE, LEAD and CHANGE are doing to keep us all more in touch than ever

Our program BELIEVE in Touch thought of a new way to help the community regain their autonomy and safety towards the threat of this pandemic, delivering masks, essential materials for their creation and tutorials teaching them how to make their own D.I.Y. masks.
The participation of our mentors and Girl MOVERS in our online courses, for the LEAD program, has been ever so interactive, expository and overall fun.
A lot of readaptation has also taken place in our CHANGE program. In a storytelling workshop, we lived an
unnarratable experience and we gathered and understood the importance that stories told in the first person have in generating a larger connection and impact in ourselves and the world. Furthermore, we launched CHANGEMAKER LAB, CHANGE’s big innovation of this year, that promises to surprise us all with a “trip” to the real world of challenges that companies of our country face, but in a more global and practical perspective.

Jamira Inguane, Girl MOVER, Change class of 2020

Saiba Mais…

Changemaker Lab

Our program CHANGE has INNOVATED once again and this time the innovation is called CHANGEMAKER LAB. A ‘LAB’ to create and test solutions to respond to global challenges that Mozambique faces.

Adaptations in Crisis

Girl MOVE Academy took part in a Webinar organized by Population Council on the theme “Adaptations in Crisis: Stress Testing our Intentional Design Model for Girls”, alongside organizations from all around the world.

Believe, Lead, Change closer than ever

We taught our Mwarusis our distancing from crowds dance and together we danced in a space so safe that the only noise that could be heard was the connection of our voices. We taught them how to make D.I.Y. masks that they can donate to their families, in case of it being necessary to go out to get essentials.