Honorina Saíde

“Virtue is somewhere in the middle.”

This was a sentence Honorina ‘stumbled upon’ too many times and she didn’t know why. In fact, she doesn’t even know if she agrees with it, but one thing is true: this psychologist and kickboxing fighter built her balance on the duality of a profile that fights to heal. But it wasn’t always this way…

Honorina was already part of those statistics that say that one out of five girls from Mozambique are victims of gender violence. At that time, she lost control over her body and her mental health, but it was on the ring that Honorina recovered her strength and her balance.  As she got control over her body, she also got back her psychological well-being, and it is during this process that she decides to study Psychology.

“Body and mind are like a sensor of light. When you don’t move, nothing happens, but when you give a step forward and you enter that ring for the second round of life, the light suddenly turns on!”– she explains.

Before she got involved in Girl Move, she founded Women Empower MZ, an association that supports more than 100 women and helps them to rediscover the power that they have inside them.

At Girl Move, Honorina found another kind of ring and she found out that the fight is always easier when you have someone along the way with you.

She underwent her internship at José de Mello Saúde, where she had a complete experience, developing several skills in management, mental health and social intervention. Besides all the departments where she did the internship, she also had the opportunity to get to know the social and community intervention projects from Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca de Xira, Wave by Wave, Centro de Saúde de Alverca and the department of Cidadania Responsável, at José de Mello headquarters.

After the internship, she came across with Apoio à Vida association, where she discovered new ways of group therapy. She also came across with Associação Moreira Team – and its enormous passion for the inclusive power of sports; the inspiring Jorge Pina; the neuroscientist Susana Novais Santo – with a methodology that combines mindfulness and stress management; APAV; Fundação Benfica, with its empowerment projects; Professor’s Helena Marujo Positive Psychology; and Academia Pedro Kol.

Honorina will continue to give psychological support to women that are or were victims of violence. Women Empowerment Mz wants to be a safe place for women to reconnect with their essence without judgements and fight against all that may steal their energy or balance. To Honorina, kickboxing will be always there, but her goal as a psychologist is to go beyond sports, and incorporate other positive psychology therapeutics – and heal!

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