Cláudia Machaieie

The little fish girl’s name is Cláudia and she was born in the country where the sea smiles and hypnotizes us with its 2700 km coastline. Before she was born, she already rocked to the sound of the see waves in her mother’s belly…

Cláudia is a sea biologist, but before choosing her degree, she was a curious little girl, who loved to sing, dance, watch science fiction movies and who used to recharge her batteries diving in the sea once a day. This attraction to the salty, turquoise seabed has guided her in all her choices. Early in her life, she showed interest in working with the coastline communities.

Her experience at Girl Move eased some tides of mistrust and made her discover other super-powers. In Portugal, during her internship at Jerónimo Martins, she had the opportunity of ‘diving’ into a big company and get in touch with the Employee Relations and Talent & Engagement departments and visit Pingo-Doce and Recheio stores to understand how some operations management routines work. But it was at the Sines harbour, in the aquaculture centre, that she enhanced other techniques and had the opportunity to think how this kind of fish farming occurs in Mozambique and understand that many of the resources are being underestimated. And that, with small changes, you can have a more profitable and sustainable exploration. 

In Mozambique, Cláudia wants to work with the most vulnerable coastline communities, raising their awareness to the environmental sustainability and the importance of preserving the local biological richness. “Showing them new techniques of food subsistence, like the aquaponics production system, it will be possible to support their food needs and allow fishing resources to have their growth and reproduction timing preserved. This way, we will have more trained ambassadors as far as conservation is concerned”, says Cláudia. An idea anchored on a mission: to create a more conscious population, who survives in a sustainable way, respecting and caring for a healthier ocean, for US ALL, humans and little fish, to continue enjoying the clean, blue SEA… fair and appeasing.

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