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They’re movement, diversity, unity, talent and overcoming. They’re Mozambican women. Girl MOVERS that finished the CHANGE programme and left the Academy promising themselves to CHANGE Mozambique and the World. Where are they now? Years later, we decided to look for them and see what they’re doing. A journey to the universe of overcoming and resilience through the voice of these women, who move and influence the entire world around them.

Do you have the talent and the power to impact Mozambique and the World? Are you a Mozambican Girl commited with a cause, dreaming with MAKING THE DIFFERENCE?

Do you want to be part of this movement and IMPACT the world? Find out NOW how to partner with Girl MOVE Academy and take an active role on CHANGING the WORLD for good.

At Girl MOVE Academy, each year, thousands of girls and women work towards creating positive CHANGE. A new generation of female Changemakers developing Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship skills through an innovative training approach.

During the CHANGE program, 35 Girls per year learn how to lead themselves, developing self-awareness, self confidence, and finding their sense of purpose and their cause. With the help and support of Mentorship & Sisterhood, with the sustainable mindset of Changemaker LAB – a place to test grassroots solutions to address the social challenges of their ecosystem.
These young women also have the opportunity to design and map their impact scope and identify opportunities to become agents for change and impact in their society and economy, with the support of career mentors and a real exchange experience culminating in an internship in reference international top companies.

This is the opportunity to Raise their voices for impact, through an immersive connection experience, where the Girls are given space to raise their voices and causes to the world, interactively learning with reference leaders and social innovators who inspire them to become global citizens of the world.

After one year of CHANGE, they not only believe as they actually have all the tools to break the cycle of poverty they live in their country.

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Over the years, our Girls live a transforming experience, and it doesn’t stop with the end of the CHANGE program.
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CONTACTOS | GERAL: girlmove@girlmove.org | PORTUGAL: mara.santos@girlmove.org | MOÇAMBIQUE: marta.roff@girlmove.org
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