Educate to co-create, to empower talents and lead for common welfare.

In the Girl Move’s methodology there is an imperative concept that covers Believe, Lead and Change programs and that connects them: cascade mentorship, set on the importance and impact that reference models have if we want to create and develop a systemic change.

This concept assumes the creation of a work team that inspires, challenges and overcomes itself mutually. Each Girl Mover (Change) works with 4 Mentors (Lead) and 30 Mwarusis. We call these teams Powerful Teams.

2019 was a year of many conquests and overcome challenges. One of them has to do precisely with graduations from these 3 programs.

900 mwarusis were graduated from the Believe program. The graduation event was absolutely magical and overwhelming, gathering families and mentors in a very touching celebration. “The graduation of our mwarusis represents the celebration of the end of a cycle for these young girls and the beginning of a new one; throughout a whole year, we helped to deploy their potential and talents were awakened. In safe ground and with the help of their LEAD & Girlmovers mentors, the mwarusis embraced a journey of self-discovery and of their “sisters”. They also discovered how rich can be the process of building things together and with their communities, and the importance of believing in their potential and of committing to their studies to assure that they keep on multiplying their opportunities. On December the 7th, not only did we celebrate this life journey, but also other journeys to come, that will give them more choices, impact and endless possibilities”, states Kátia Almeida, director for the Believe program.



The Lead Program marked an historic milestone with the graduation of the first 90 Mentors. This was also the year where important partnerships were made with local universities. 


The Change Program, already in its 4th edition, from which 34 Girl Movers graduated.


In addition to the graduation event, this year the Change program received more than 1600 applications for the 5th edition. The recruiting procedures took place in Nampula, Maputo and Beira, welcoming young ladies from all over Mozambique.
But more than celebrating the graduation numbers that are increasing every year, it is important to understand the impact that these teams have in changing paradigms and the surrounding reality.

The video explains in a simple and fast way some of these numbers, that prove the impact of our methodology.

Saiba Mais…

Changemaker more than ever!

“I admit that sometimes I even think that this social distancing has brought us closer to the empathy and responsibility of becoming a united movement of strength, energy and inspiration for the families and communities that live outside the Academy with their challenges, which have become much more global than local.”

Changemaker Lab

Our program CHANGE has INNOVATED once again and this time the innovation is called CHANGEMAKER LAB. A ‘LAB’ to create and test solutions to respond to global challenges that Mozambique faces.

Adaptations in Crisis

Girl MOVE Academy took part in a Webinar organized by Population Council on the theme “Adaptations in Crisis: Stress Testing our Intentional Design Model for Girls”, alongside organizations from all around the world.