What if a Girl Mover would be a speaker at TED Talk? She already has been.

Her name is Honorina Ilka Saide, she’s 23 years old, psychologist, founder of the Mz WomenEmpower program and Kickboxing athlete.

Her story is real and, fortunately, her dream is also very real. She’s implementing her counter-attack plan and thanks to it many other women from Mozambique already feel that they own their body, their will, their future.

If you haven’t already watched it, feel free to do it.
You’ll feel KO, for sure! 😉

Saiba Mais…

Changemaker more than ever!

“I admit that sometimes I even think that this social distancing has brought us closer to the empathy and responsibility of becoming a united movement of strength, energy and inspiration for the families and communities that live outside the Academy with their challenges, which have become much more global than local.”

Changemaker Lab

Our program CHANGE has INNOVATED once again and this time the innovation is called CHANGEMAKER LAB. A ‘LAB’ to create and test solutions to respond to global challenges that Mozambique faces.

Adaptations in Crisis

Girl MOVE Academy took part in a Webinar organized by Population Council on the theme “Adaptations in Crisis: Stress Testing our Intentional Design Model for Girls”, alongside organizations from all around the world.