Clara Penincela

Hocus pocus! Flour pixie dust!

There are two kinds of fairies: those who make dreams come true and those who solve problems.

Clara The Fairy is a mixture of both. She mixes the perfect formula of pragmatism, serenity and boldness to challenge the impossible with a strategic vision.

The girl with a sweet voice and an appeasing look believes that good dreams may seem impossible (but they arent’t), and that the most powerful magic wand is creativity.

“It makes no sense to me that people starve to death when so much food is wasted and underestimated”, says Clara.

That’s how she came up with the idea to create a magical flour with a high nutritional value.

Clara took a degree in Science and Food Technology and wants to start a company specialized in the processing of nutritious flours and, at the same time,  give technical assistance to quality management systems (HACCP, BPH e BPM) in small and medium-sized enterprises that devout themselves to the production of nutritious foods (these companies have been growing exponentially in Mozambique).

“To be able to contribute to the decrease of malnutrition indexes in my country means giving a chance to many children of growing up have dreams. Children are the biggest victims of malnutrition, severely compromising their physical and cognitive development”, says Clara.

Clara’s experience at Girl Move was a personal deconstruction process, but, t the same time, it was useful to gain more trust and motivation. “It made me believe that I can dream and make my dreams come true.”  “During my internship at Nestlé, I felt as if I was out of the box and as if I could look at my country and realize that we still have a long way ahead. On the other hand, I strengthened my will to come back to Mozambique and be part of its construction. I’m more motivated and I feel that with the contact network that I assembled in Portugal, it’s going to be easier to build strategic bridges that will facilitate the development of some projects.”

Clara is going to develop projects that will have a positive impact on the local economy an on the nutritional condition of people, taking advantage of local products to produce food with a higher nutritional value.

Hocus pocus! This is the story of the pixie dust flour inventor.