Helena Macune

There are light-women and Helena is one of them.

The 7th of eight children was born wanting to reverse the course of the life history of the women in her family and to be an example to her parents and sisters.

Helena always vibrated with problems that demanded a logical and mathematical understanding. Besides that, she loved physics, but her parents didn’t understand this passion. And they still don’t. 

During her Applied Physics degree, she was the only woman among 33 men. To her, that degree gathered the best of two worlds – physics and mathematics, which allowed her to have a deeper and more aggregator understanding of the world. When she had to choose her residency, Helena chose the area that seemed more innovative to the Mozambique reality: renewable energies. When she finished her degree, Helena decides to go to Girl Move. All the process of the Academy was challenging, but the biggest surprise of all was to understand that the “box of light” that she had inside her needed to explode. “It lacked that BoooM!” And that happened.

From there on, she realised that she could embrace any challenge, even if it seemed the most obscure or difficult. In fact, Helena was already born with that light inside her, but she was not aware of its size and intensity.

In Portugal, Helena underwent her internship at EDP, where she got in touch with several departments: Innovation, Distribution, Maintenance and Commercial Control, Social Responsibility and the EDP University. She was also at GreenEgg, where she visited several works and did maintenance of some panels. At Generg, she learnt how to work with dimensioning software to implement solar systems. At Veolia, she came across a project that produces hot and cold air for buildings, namely hospitals.

Helena starts to work at an energy company, cooperating with the social responsibility department, to develop projects providing renewable energies to people that don’t have access to this type of energy “(…) and be the light of people that don’t believe in a better future.”

After that, she wants to start her own project – marketing, implementing and providing maintenance for solar energy equipment and, therefore, contribute to the achievement of the seventh goal of the millennium… and to more enlightened minds.